Saturday, October 4, 2008

Day nine 17th February 2008

Last day, we had said goodbye to Andrew the night before, so we set off via Reefton to Maruia springs for a dip in the hot pools. Last time we had been here they had been wonderful, clean and hot. This time they were a real disappointment, they were slimey underfoot, the water was black with some sort of algae or similar and they weren't very hot either! So we compensated with an ice cream, and went off to Maruia Falls. This is quite spectacular, a very large volume of water pouring over them, with a massive swirl of logs trapped at the base.

We had a stop at Murchison on the way back for a coffee, and a visit to the local museum, and then on to Picton. The vineyards down the valley heading towards Blenhiem are spreading at a heck of a rate, and seem to go on forever.

At Picton, we went for a walk alongside the harbour on the Bob's Bay track, and back up onto the hills above the harbour in the Victoria Domain along the Harbour View track. Just a gentle stroll to finish off a week of great walking. And we got to see our ferry home coming into the harbour.

The crossing home was reasonably uneventful, it got a bit foggy in the middle of the strait as dusk was coming on, and we got a distant view of the Queen Victoria Liner, which had just left Wellington Harbour on it's round the world cruise.

Home at last to our own comfortable bed!

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