Thursday, February 21, 2008

Day two, 10th Feb

Up bright and early, and decided to walk into Hokitika to buy some breakfast at the supermarket, forgetting that it was Sunday, and it wasn't open until 9 a.m. So, we had to go to the Cafe Paris where we had hot croissant and lovely coffee. What a pity Andrew decided to stay in bed.

Next, off to Greymouth to get Andrew sorted out. We met Rebecca, the administrator at the college, who despite being slightly hungover from a good Saturday night, was on top of things, and layed down te law to Andrew, Fred and another lad while showing them their rooms. The rooms were quite disappointing at first, looking bare and scruffy, but the room had a double bed, a TV, bathroom and fridge, as well as a wireless broadband connection, so life wasn't all bad!

As we had brought quilts and bedding for a single bed, we made a quick trip to the Warehouse for some bedding, and then to the supermarket for food and cleaning materials. The room looked quite nice once the bed was made.

We left Andrew to get to know people and explore Greymouth, while we went back to Hokitika to have a bit of time resting and thinking.

We went for a quick walk along the beach in one of the dryspells of the day, enjoying the fresh air and the howling gale! There are some very creative people in Hokitika, this was one of many examples of art we passed.

Finally, back into Greymouth to get a meal with Andrew, but he was a bit subdued possibly because of the travel, or the idea of living on his own, so after the meal, we left him to watch the Simpsons, and we went back to get a nights rest.

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